New battery tech: Northwestern U claiming 10X capacity and 10X faster charging

I made a claim last January, in an audition tape to a motorcycle racing podcast, that in 7 years electric motorcycles would be in, MotoGP, or at least be competitive with said bikes.Β  It’s almost down to 6, but I think I’ll stick with that prediction.

3 thoughts on “New battery tech: Northwestern U claiming 10X capacity and 10X faster charging

  1. My guess is 10-15 years (I mentioned this at another website many months ago) that electric bikes would reach true MotoGP levels of performance, but that was pretty much using the S.W.A.G. method (Scientific Wild Ass Guess). However, I much prefer your prediction! I will be VERY excited when the day comes that this happens. I’d love to see electrics in the MotoGP class someday, but I would also be more than content to see the MotoGP series add a proper electric GP class alongside the current categories once the e-bikes are ready.

    So reading this link you posted is most encouraging…thank you. πŸ™‚

  2. S.W.A.G., we use similar methods. πŸ˜€

    Research is always coming out, especially the last few years, of battery density approaching five times what it is now. Now, these are all numbers coming from programs that have to print evidence they are spending their funding wisely, and what works in a lab may not transfer to the street, and more times than not probably won’t. However, something has to stick eventually, and in the mean time battery technology you can buy is improving at an impressive rate. As far as I am concerned the only thing holding elmotos back from MotoGP speeds is battery technology. Chassis tech is chassis tech, and clearly the Mission and MotoCzysz bikes have no problems going around corners (check). Motors are putting out 200hp already. I think they can find 50hp in the same size, if not smaller motors in 6 years no problem (check). The only ingredients we are missing are weight and range. I suspect the TTXGP GP class rules may very well stay as they are for some time. I’d like to see the bikes run MotoGP lap times before lengthening the races. People respond to fast speeds, and I suspect the public would be more patient with the tech if that were the case. That is, I think they will wait for range to increase if they know the bikes are fast.

    You are welcome. News like this comes out all the time. My favorite was the rechargeable, and pump-able gel one US university is working on. Low on charge? Hook up to the pump and pump out the discharged gel, and pump in the freshly charged stuff.

    Thank you for your comment.

  3. You’re welcome πŸ™‚

    I read about that gel too somewhere. Pretty interesting stuff!

    I agree with you about the battery tech holding e-bikes back from true MotoGP performance, with the lack of range and heavy weight. When the day comes where we get e-bikes that can do full race distances and come in under 400lbs in weight…WOW! I totally agree with what you say, that it’s important that e-bike racing concentrates on getting to MotoGP speeds and lap times first, then focus on the range. Mission got a lot of good press for Steve Rapp doing 600cc supersport lap times at Laguna Seca in front of an international audience, with Rapp’s qualifying times 10 seconds off the pace of the MotoGP bikes. Imagine how it’ll be when that gets down to 5 seconds…until the e-bikes creep ever closer to full parity with speed and lap times. I think when that happens a lot more race fans will realize just how cool electric racing bikes can be.

    Keep up the good work!

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