Polaris buys ANOTHER EV company

Thanks to Brammofan’s twitter account I just found out about this.

I have no idea what this means for Brammo and the EV world, but has that ever stopped me?  From what the article says it seems more of  a diversification on the part of Polaris, into the EV world, and they seem to believe that the new French company Goupil and GEM will benefit quite well from working with each other.  There was no real mention of Brammo’s role, and to be fair Polaris doesn’t own Brammo, just a good little chunk.  So, for the immediate future it probably doesn’t mean a thing other than reflecting well on Brammo that such a strong ally who is looking to be a solid contender in the EV motorsports world.  Now Brammo is on it’s way to playing catch up with, well every one that neat the at Laguna Seca this year.  The added support and possible shared knowledge could help make Brammo’s guy cover the gap and maybe a bit more.  Time will tell.

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