Honda RC-E: Enertia killer, ooohhhh

I have already expressed my views on this bikes.  And the Tokyo show still hasn’t happened yet, but the buzz is still there.  people really like the bike, especially the way it looks.  One blogger even spoke of it’s big car motor.  Others have spoke quite elequently that they are hopeful of Honda’s entry to the market as good for everyone.  However, from the stats provided so far, the language used, and my suspicions that Honda is far too busy with ICE racing to put forward a serious elmoto effort, the RC-E (which I am still certain Honda built specifically to regain my affections) struck me as a nice looking bike that also looks very well balanced (typical Honda centralized mass), and unique and well executed chassis design, powered by a scooter motor.  And I think I am right.  While digging around the inter-webs for some info I was going to use in my last post, I discovered the mind blowing power of that Honda Insight electric motor.

Are you ready?


Are you sure you’re ready?


Yes, well, OK.

13HP!!!!!  WOW!  There’s that Honda HP.  They’re gonna . . . no wait . . . what!?

Yes the motor, according to Honda’s Insight spec page it is rated at 13 hp, or about 10kW for my fellow ‘tron-heads.  The Brammo Enertia’s motor is rated at 13 KW, or just over 17 hp.  I wouldn’t even take the dust off Brammo’s TTRs to race this thing.  Some clip-ons, rearsets, full fairing, and CF wheels on a stock Enertia would about do it.

In all fairness, it is a concept and the show isn’t for 2 more weeks(ish).  We’ll have to wait and see, but if this is the case, it’s almost insulting.

4 thoughts on “Honda RC-E: Enertia killer, ooohhhh

  1. I think you may be reading too much into the RC-E’s ” 250cc-class compact body”. There’s no reason to believe that the size of the chassis – or the motors used in previous products – impacts greatly the amount of power this bike potentially has.

    It would be disappointing if they under-powered a concept that no one’s going to ride anyway. Might as well go big. Though, in another sense, the specs don’t really matter nearly as much as the signals it sends.

    Hoping someone at Tokyo show can look up its skirt to see if it has any of this componentry.

  2. Thank you for your comment!

    Potentially it could have anything for a powerplant, and if Honda was smart they would add a Mission Motors drivetrain. However, the RC-E has been said to have the motor from a Honda Insight, which a quick Google search shows is rated for 10kW. It is very reasonable to extrapolate from that, that it has less power than an Enertia, in current form. You can hot-rod electric motors, but I don’t see being able to get the 10 fold increase in power needed to get even close to the current top TTXGP bikes. So I feel it is definitely an underpowered concept vehicle.

    It’s a design exercise and a definite buzz generator, and I feel that is about it. If they put a Mission drivetrain in there, and then I’ll have a reason to get excited. So far, the only signal I am getting from Honda is they put something together to distract everyone’s (well ev/elmoto types) attention from the Milan show to the Tokyo show. I don’t know, I am just not getting any good vibes from this whole RC-E thing. It just feels like strategic vaporware to me. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

    1. Very thought provoking. Even if you could fit a few side by side it still won’t be half as powerful as even the Empulse RE. But there seems to be a trend with Honda and under powered EV concepts. Wired posted a story about the little roadster the RC-E was sitting next to. It was the same story with the car as with the bike. Severely under powered compared to production, or soon to be produced products, muchless other concepts. I think this is a calculated move. I think we should keep a close eye on them.

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