BrammoBrian: Kung Fu Master?

So one of my posts made it onto Brammo’s Facebook page (thank you KaiChi).  They say there is no Macau Grand Prix for them this year. 😦  But someone posted a pic from Shanghai.  When we last left off Brian Wissman was headed for Hong Kong while others were headed for Amsterdam.  Well, probably Brian is headed there for one of 3 things.  1. Something to do with the Hong Kong Police bikes, 2.  The Hong Kong trade Show, or 3.  Something to do with Jackie Chan’s business or business in general.

But I suspect a 4th reason.  A personal journey of discovery and oneness with the universe.   Maybe Brian has begun a personal quest to be a Kung Fu master!

I should just ask, but that would really ruin all the fun I am having making stuff up. 😀

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