Shelina Moreda spills the Energica beans, and says “Modena”

Ok, so I am really having fun with overstated titles. 😀  Here’s the deal.

In the video above she says she will be racing at Modena next year.

Then Shelina replied to someone on her She’z Racing Facebook page yesterday saying this about CRP’s new street bike, “Joe, I Want to take one home!! I get to race the track version of it, so I’m pretty happy with that 🙂 As soon as these hit the market though I do want one.”

So we now know she is racing for them next year, it will be the race version of the street bike, and she really wants one of those Energicas.  We also may have an inside line on where one of next’s year’s TTXGP or e-Power races will be.  Question is, will she be racing the European TTXGP and e-power races and not the NA TTXGP?  If she’s racing in Europe maybe she can bring the bike back to the US and form her own squad for 2013?  All I really know know is I like the way she says “Modena”.  TMI?  😀

2 thoughts on “Shelina Moreda spills the Energica beans, and says “Modena”

  1. No no no… you cant race Modena. Not yet. It’s not a part of either eBike series. I’ll be riding there to test is all. As for the rest of the questions… you’ll just have to wait and see! 2012, Here I come!

    LoL, and dont make fun of my horrible Italian-English! Ugh, I STILL dont know how to pronounce the cities properly!

    1. D’oh! Some motorhead I turned out to be. Of course, it’s a test track (type park thing that I now have to research). Thank you so much for the correction! The more I do this, hopefully the less I’ll need to be corrected. That’s the goal anyway.

      As far as 2012, I think I can safely say we are all excited and looking forward to next year. I’ll do my best to keep the suspense up. 😀

      And I thought you pronounced “Modena” just fine.

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