Latest Brammo gossip and speculation

Hey all.  two things:

First, I am not sure if you remember but last year Brammo had an outside sponsor or two and painted up the bikes for the Macau GP last year.  Now, it was just suppose to be an exhibition lap or 2 but that event was canceled, the Best Buy fairings went back on and appropriately beautiful girls were then draped all over them.  So, with Jackie Chan owning the company that imports the Brammos into Hong Kong, and the show being about the same time, and the Hong Kong Police just placing their order, it seems logical that Brammo would try to make a similar appearance this year.  All of this came to mind when I heard Jim Race mention on MotoPOD that Mark Miller was getting ready for the race that he has done regularly for several years.  Well, thank to Bramofan’s twitter it seems Brian Wismann is headed for Hong Kong.  He may be just going there for the show, but he may be there with a bike and rider, again for a demo.  Now, being the smart folks I know they are they may try to use this opportunity as a shake down/base line for the Isle of Man, which they announced this summer they are planning on doing.

Now this starts to tie into part number two.  I think it is safe to call him my Italian counterpart, Motoelettriche (really I’m his American counterpart) just posted information about SMRE and the 2012 Empulse. It appears that Brammo is going with a dual motor design in conjunction with the 6 speed gear box.  This is supposed to be good for 82hp and 150mph (called it :D).  Google translate also says that motor setup will be run at the Isle of Man.  Makes since as the IoM is the ultimate proving grounds.  This also begs the question, how will that bike stack up against CRP’s Energica?  It could be a whole lot closer than CRP would like.  It is going to be a really long wait before the journalists are finally given bikes they can ride and test.

Sooo, what will Brammo be bringing to Hong Kong?  Will it be the 2011 RR just to check gearing, suspension, chassis, ect.  Or will it be the new ’12 Empulse in sheeps clothing?  Or could they just be knocking the dust off the ol’ TTRs for the hell of it?  Only time will tell.

14 thoughts on “Latest Brammo gossip and speculation

  1. Thank you for the comment! The rumor and speculation label was referring to my speculating what Brammo might be up to in Hing Kong, not your post. Also, I didn’t want to claim your post as fact as I translated it through Google. Way to break the story man!

  2. Just curious…how is this dual motor design supposed to make 82HP and hit 150MPH, when the motor in CRP’s new Energica is said to produce 134HP and hit 137MPH?

    1. Ahh, that part you are missing is that it is attached to a six speed gear box, where as CRP’s bike is single speed just like all the other elmotos out there (accept for Brutus). So CRP, just like all the other bikes, does have to make a compromise in acceleration vs top speed. It’s just with electric motors it is not as much of a compromise as compared to an ICE. As I mentioned in my post:
      The Honda CBR600F2 and VFR750F had horsepower in the 80hp range, and with a 6-speed transmission they had top speeds of around 140mph. The electric motors have significantly more torque backing up that horse power, so to me, it seems plausible that the Brammo would indeed do those kinds of speeds.

      1. You’re right, I didn’t take the Brammo’s 6-speed transmission into account. Interesting… If a 6-speed gearbox indeed ends up making that big of a difference to achieve a similar top speed with significantly less HP, I would imagine the top electric roadracing teams may have to consider a similar transmission in their machines in the near future.

      2. You would think, but there seems to be a point of diminishing returns as all of the “top teams” are all at about 150 to 200+ horse power with torque numbers that make Detroit V8s nervous. With so much power and torque transmissions don’t generate as much advantage in a race track environment.

  3. LOL! That’s what it looks like.

    The 2013 TTX will just be a stock Empulse with a tuning kit and race fairings. Even tomorrow it wouldn’t be competitive in the GP class, much less by 2013. If the 75 class gets bumped up to 10kWhrs then it might be a competitive bike in that class. But by 2013 a 10kWhr pack will be quite small.

  4. 意思是說2013年的TTX它僅是市售車套上整流罩? 動力還是跟原本一樣只不過多了六速?


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