talks electric

From MotoUSA.coms website

The same folks that employ Steve Atlus, the North American TTXGP champion, had 3 electric articles come out with in just a few day from each other.

The first is a nice look at CRP’s new Energica street bike.  An interesting detail is that there were members of the FIM there for the unveiling.  Fair enough since Azhar was playing Charle’s Angels over at the Brammo display.

The second is the Editor-in-cheif’s take on the Honda RC-E concept bike.  I really only agree with him about one thing, the bike has potential.  Only I feel it has the potential to lose Honda some serious face unless they pump it full of some serious kW and kWhr.

And lastly, the most exciting thing I’ve heard since Tuesday, is that BRD is taking pre-orders for their 250 4-stroke equivalent electric dirt and motard bikes.

This is a good site to watch folks.  They do a good job covering the electric motorcycle scene, especially the racing scene.

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