4 thoughts on “The first electric motorcycle race series. Shhh, don’t tell Ted!

    1. [Jedi mind trik hand wave] This is not the blog you are looking for. 😉
      Cool! Unfortunately the only thing I learned while deployed to Italy (well Sicily) for 3 weeks is that it is a necessity to put Eagle One sport radials on a 1.3L TDI Opel.

    1. Holy crap dude. You’ve been busy. @Motoelettriche sees to be a really cool guy. I’ll make a post just about this soon (I hope).

      As far as racing, I got the bug so bad after coming back from Miller I want noting more than to build a bike. But I am barely getting by on substitute teaching and wrenching once a week at the local bicycle shop. I am basically working for free at the shop to pay for the parts and clothing to keep my commuter bike going. Just no funds to spend on building an electric motorcycle. Sorry.

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