Interesting take on this year’s FIM and TTXGP relationship, and my 2 cents

Some more David Herron.

Another thing that came out afterwards was that the track that the race had been planned to go to for some time had not received the OK to host a motorcycle race last minute for safety reasons.  After both series most successful races were combined series races, it seems to me unlikely that either party would want to ruin a good thing.  However I have heard it said that among VPs in the FIM, there are a few that are pro electric racing, but at this time they are the minority.  Interestingly enough, I have heard from the same source that it’s pretty much the opposite in the AMA.

The reality is that the FIM is a very large organization that represents many forms of motorcycle racing, and I seriously doubt that all the VPs support every thing that falls under their umbrella.  So really, are electrics discriminated against anymore than another form.  I doubt it, but maybe a bit; more because it is new, uncertain, and a risk than anything, I am sure.  Now, because it is so big and has to represent so many people and interests it can only act so fast, and not do so in a very liberal manner.  The TTXGP really is a run by Azhar Hussain with the help of maybe a handful of people.  This allows the freedom of being flexible and giving teams some lea way, even if at the annoyance of other teams, fans, etc.  Also, the TTXGP represents only one type of motorcycle racing, electric racing.  This means they have a very vested interest in it being successful.  This is a all of the eggs in one basket situation.  The question is, does electric racing, at this point, have the momentum and footing to be run by an organization that has to balance it’s success against all of it’s other forms of motorcycle racing?  Or, should it stay with an understaffed, not as organized, yet passionate organization within which everyone has a vested interest in its success?  Or, does a third part (an electric MSMA?) need to step in and play ref while the two try to work together for the betterment of the sport?

Elmoto manufacturers need to start showing up to races that they say they will, and take a more active roll in this.  The race series have been very good for them on both PR and R&D (when they show up anyay).  I feel their success, or rather the speed of their growth, is directly linked to whether or not their bikes are on a track taking on other manufacturers.  They really did almost single handedly kill the North American series this year.  There was huge buzz coming into the first race this year.  Infineon should have been what Laguna was.  This type of behavior should not be tolerated.  If it was up to me there would be at least one team told that they need not bother coming next year.  But I am no where near as nice, nor as smart as Mr. Hussain

3 thoughts on “Interesting take on this year’s FIM and TTXGP relationship, and my 2 cents

  1. It’s very interesting indeed to know that there are a potentially significant number of people within the AMA who are pro-electric racing. Personally, I’d love to see electric racing become the kind of class in the AMA Superbike series that Pro Twins and 250cc GP were back in the late 80’s, a class where purpose-built racers and prototypes (albeit non-ICE machines) can be raced and developed. The AMA Superbike series is in bad need of a little diversity in it’s racing classes, and such a class would certainly fill the niche. Of course, there are many obstacles to overcome for this to ever even begin to be a possibility, but that is another story.

    Your last paragraph rings a bell with me, as I too was very disappointed by the lack of competitors at the first TTXGP round at Infineon. To find out there were only four entries for the TTXGP races…WTF??? It was to me as if the top players just weren’t that interested or willing to show their hand until the big races (Isle of Man TT and Laguna Seca MotoGP) of the year. Definitely a sad and unfortunate showing.

    1. Well actually, if the TTXGP keeps up it’s relationship with the AMA as it is, it pretty much is an AMA support class. I (obviously) am a supporter of the TTXGP and the way they have the championships set up. I really would not look forward to a competing class here in the US. Now, I have been thinking, of late, if it would be beneficial to both series if the AMA ran the NA series for the TTXGP much like happened this year in Australia. The problem might be that the AMA would have to be prepared for the series to challenge the popularity and standing of the other classes. It would have to be given the room to grow. Somehow, I don’t think the DMG would really mind, as long as it was bringing people to the races.

  2. Having the TTXGP series as that AMA class is exactly how I’d envision it working out. Much better for the AMA to continue working with TTXGP than trying to steal their thunder as the FIM did (to the detriment of electric motorcycle road-racing).

    I sure would hope the AMA, as you said, would be prepared for the potential growth of an electric racing class vs. their current classes. After all, not only are electric bikes an entirely likely future for motorcycle roadracing, but currently the four strongest bikes/teams in the world are arguably American. The AMA has to realize that the best of the field are in it’s own backyard! They need to take advantage of that, and help foster the class’s growth.

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