Will the real Empulse killer please stand up

I happened to mention in a comment on CRP’s Facebook photos that I was looking forward to specs on the bike.  The PR guy (I believe) mentioned the stats at the end of the video which were not only in metric but Italian.  So I decided to do some quick translating and converting before going to be for the night.  I almost choked on what I found.

Claimed Horse power: 136 hp

Top Speed:  136.7 mph

Range: 93.2 miles

I suspect from the range that they have stayed with the 8.9 kWhr pack that they have in the eCRP 1.4 race bike.  Remember that electric motors are very efficient and not like gas engines.  Getting around town a motor that can put out 140hp is going to use pretty much the same amount of energy as one that can put out 40hp, all things being equal.  But this is about double what their race bike probably has as the best numbers I have heard for a dual Agni setup is 71hp.  But lets give these guys the benefit of the doubt, and say they were getting 80 hp on the race bike.  Still, this is a similar jump that Brammo is looking at in their race bike for next year, not their street bike.

If these claims are anywhere near the truth (something I am learning has a very broad meaning in the Italian press) this is your Empulse killer.  Hell, every 600 4 cyclinder, 675 triple, 748/749 twin had just better not bother.  And GSX-R 750 and Duc 848 owners, well . . . I hope you are really fast at shifting and remembered to top off your tank.

The question is will it be the baddest electric street bike you can buy?  The only production elmoto you can buy that will touch these claimed numbers is the Lighting at $40,000.  The Lighting has probably over 200hp, probably weighs more, and I have heard through the grapevine that it’s a pretty heavy feeling bike.  You can be pretty darn sure that the Energica will be quite light and very nimble handling.  It’d be a straight up battle of American vs. Italian philosophy, and I’m not sure who’d win on a track.  Unless it’s Road America of course. 😀

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