Dear Zero, I’d like to get some sleep! (and related Brammo tid bit?)

Yawwn.  Yesterday I posted about A&P’s spilling of the 2012 Zero beans and their supposed Empulse killer.  Well, Zero has just put up this video:

Hey did you see that?  No not the lovely lady on the XU, but the lovely riding pillion?  Well posted that the new Empulse would come with a passenger seat and pegs 5 days ago.  Now, I believe this could be a major motivating  factor in Brammo’s change of mind about bikes made for two.

Zero is boasting some serious tech hear.  The new in house motor comments would seem to be backed up by a youtube interview with former Buell elf and now Zero CTO Abe Askenazi, from a year ago.  Also the site is claiming 118 miles for the Zero S and a 308,000 miles lifespan.  Zero’s claims always seem to be even more exagerated than Brammo’s, but we’ll see.  As far as being a Brammo killer, well @Motoelettriche posted this on twitter yesterday:

moto elettriche

@motoelettriche moto elettriche
@brammofan @BrammoSays @BrammoCraig new Empulse will have engine-gearbox produced by SMRE. about 80 hp.Italian article:
We are talking horse power numbers of between early ’90s Honda CBR600s and VFR750Fs, with the weight of the 600s, and 3 to 4 times the torque.  Mated to a six speed transmission those Hondas were good for 140mph.  But they did have full fairings.  If these numbers are right, then you are looking at a bike that isn’t trying to compete with SV650s, you are looking at a bike that’s going to go eat them for lunch.  I do not see the Zero S competing with the Empulse in performance.  But I don’t think it is trying to. The S is still a supermoto bike and a different style of riding.  I feel it is a distinct and separate bike model that speaks to Zero’s dirtbike core where the Brammo is more focused on the open minded ricky racers of the world.  It’s not Brammo vs Zero folks.  It’s Brammo and Zero vs the ICE bikes and traditional thinking.

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