EICMA Madness comith

Ok, so maybe it’s not madness, but if you have been following Brammo, CRP (for the last 3 months), and the TTXGP on twitter and face book, and the good blogs of Asphalt and Rubber and Hell for Leather, you know that excitement for the show has been crescendoing.  Asphalt and Rubber as just got some leaked info on Zero.  You also really want to go over to Brammo’s Facebook page as they have been posting great pics from the show as everyone is setting it up.  It looks like they are having a real good time!

CRP is set to finally release info on their street bike.  It’ll be nice when they do because I am really over there PR campaign.  I am glad they follow me on Twitter.  It’s cool, but I had to stop following them.  It was Brammo times 100.  Brammo may ave something new, in that we haven’t seen the new bike with the transmission mounted.  Well, OK, I haven’t anyway.  They have revamped the Enertia which I got to ride at Miller Motorsports Park at the final round.  Rumor also has it that it will have a passenger seat and pegs.  Mission has some new tech they want to show off.  Personally, it had better be pretty darn special for me to care.  I’ll start caring when they show their technology can show up every weekend and be competitive.  The TTXGP guys will be there too.  I’ll be interested to see what they have for the world.  BTW, if you don’t follow TTXGP on Twitter, Azhar just got to meet the Queen and received his MBE (still don’t know what it is, but it sounds important 😉 ).

That’s all I have for tonight for an audience that I haven’t let know I exist yet.  Oh well, someone is reading this thing. 😀

P.S.  A big “Hell Yeah!” to 2 time AMA ham Josh Hayes for his performance this weekend as a replacement rider for Collin Edwards.  7th at Valencia!

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