First blog-itis

I find myself feeling like I should be putting stuff up every day.  I think it’s just the first blog smell.  I am waiting for a RAM upgrade and headphones to record interviews to arrive.  I have let a few supportive folks know and check out what I have gotten so far.  Even though I have the blog up and a few posts on it, I haven’t announced it’s existence to the world until I feel I am ready.  I just want everything set and ready to go before I do.  Also, I am trying to finish up somethings for Azhar (the gentleman who runs the TTXGP) and Rupal (PR) that I promised them, ohh . . . 2 months ago!

There really is kind of constant stream of news out there, and I am realizing that another function of this blog is just to post links to other blogs and news.  I like the category function here.  It should make it pretty easy to organize it so if you have a favorite manufacturer or rider it will be easy to catch up and keep up.  You might be able to use it to see what manufactures are out there.  Maybe this will be come a kind of first stop blog.  Who knows.

I hope you had a good hump day. Tomorrow I get to rehearse middle school bands all day!

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