Welcome to TTXGP Matters

Well, I said I never would, but here I am. I have started a blog. What is this blog about, and why does it exist? Well, if you can’t tell by the title it will generally be about the TTXGP electric motorcycle race series, and it’s main purpose is an excuse for me to manifest my delusions of grandeur into a podcast. I am not much of a writer, and much prefer the medium of audio. I really want to interview people in this world and record what is happening as we are square in the middle of history being made. Apparently you have to have a blog to post your podcast from so it gets caught by the podcatchers, or something like that. But, that is ok as sometimes, writing is actually better.

If the title sounds familiar, it should. There is a very well known and respected website/blog called Moto Matters (used to be MotoGP matters, and Kropotkin Thinks). My handle is ttxgpfan. Azhar thought of that handle for me for the TTXGP NA Final this past September, and has a strange similarity to Brammofan. If you don’t know who he is you need to. And finally, I am going to call the podcast TTXGPod. Another blatant variant from a well establish podcast that I have listened to for years. Each of these folks I consider very reputable, really good at what they do, and all started from grassroots efforts, and really continue in that manner. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But also, I hope to attract people who are truly interested or curious about electric motorcycle racing from both the current motorcycle racing fan base, as well as folks from the other side who know little about racing but are very interested in EVs and the technology. My hope is that using variations on established monikers will make my little corner easier to find and feel a little familiar.

I will try to make the content as fun, yet professional as possible. There will be opinion in this blog, but I will do my best to make it blatantly obvious that it is just that so you can then apply the appropriately sized grain of salt.

I am not doing this for money, but I will most likely put up a donation link so that I can pay for operating costs. I am doing this for the stories, and the facts. I see too much misinformation spread on blogs and forums and it drives me mad. I see regurgitating and misinterpretation of someone else’s blog being carried on as fact with out anyone bothering to e-mail or call to get the real story. With a podcast you will get to hear the people who are making the history, and hear their side, their emotion, their passion, and their stories. At least that is what I am hoping and wishing for.

This may not be the most regular site you will have ever visited, but I hope to have an interview every 2 weeks for you, once things get rolling. I have soo many people and companies I want to talk to. If you find this and you have product you want to promote, or a story to tell please let me know.

Thank you, and enjoy.

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